A Perfect Summer Drink – Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

summer_drink_recipesStrawberries are the quintessential summer fruit. Every summer I drive to the nearby strawberry farm and help in picking strawberries. The aroma of the fruit fills the air and makes me so happy. Have you ever tasted a strawberry fruit right after it is plucked from the vine? The fruit is ripe and so juicy that you are immediately transported to strawberry heaven.

42d1ceaa0ded94b4b03e0f5b14e05e1cNow how about combining this favourite fruit with liquor to create the perfect adult drink for summer? It is so refreshing and simple yummy. Here I give you the recipe for the classical frozen strawberry daiquiri. This recipe is citrusy and punchy instead of being loaded with sugar. There are several commercially marketed daiquiri drinks available in the market. But they are just sugary drinks that lack the punch. Try this and am sure you’ll never buy a readymade daiquiri again.

4 to 5 fresh strawberries cored and sliced into halves
1 cup white rum
1 teaspoon lime juice
Crushed ice cubes as needed

Blend all the ingredients other than the ice cubes in a blender. Add in the crushed ice cubes. If you want it thick you can add in more ice cubes to make it slushier. Serve in a tall glass and enjoy the official drink of summer.