Make The Ultimate Perfect Sandwich Right At Your Kitchen

breakfast_elitedaily-600x300No one can deny the power of a perfectly made sandwich. Sandwiches are highly versatile and by just swapping a few ingredients you can get a totally different dish. But sadly the sandwiches we make in our kitchen often are not perfect. Either they turn soggy or the bread to filling ratio is not perfect. The reasons are endless for a failed sandwich. Here I provide you with a few steps to ensure that your sandwich turns out perfect every time.

1. Bread: If you get this right, you are of on the right path. Toasted bread makes for a sturdier base that regular bread. If you don’t prefer toasted bread, you can just slightly place bread on a hot pan and take it off before it gets toasted. Also when you cut the bread do not cut diagonally but cut across if you want a sturdier sandwich.

exps39618_SCSC163923C03_29_5b2. Lettuce: This forms the next layer. Select lettuce leaves that are at the right stage. No over-ripened leaves. Also dry the lettuce leaves either with a kitchen towel or a paper napkin to remove the moisture after washing. Moist lettuce is the main culprit for soggy sandwiches.

3. Cheese: Cheese should be place right under the top layer of your sandwich rather than at the bottom. It acts as a barrier between the moist middle layers and the top half of the sandwich.

4. Crunchy ingredients: Place crunchy ingredients like nuts, carrots and celery in the middle. They provide the right amount of crunch in between soft bites when you eat the sandwich.

5. Veggies: When you add veggies to your sandwich make sure they are completely dry. Else they lead to a soggy sandwich.

6. Sauces: Spread sauces on the inner side of both the top and bottom half of the sandwich. This ensures equal distribution of flavour with every bite.

Follow these steps and enjoy the perfect sandwich every time.

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