No More Messy Snacks – Twisting The Way You Eat

elite-daily-eating-600x300 (1)Does eating some popular snacks leave you messy? Worry not as we give you some new innovative mess free ways to eat your favourite snacks.
Do your popsicles require you to change your dress after eating? You can easily catch drips by threading the Popsicle stick to a cupcake wrapper. The wrapper acts as an impromptu dish and catches all drips. Enjoy your Popsicle without getting your dress dirty.
Powdered Sugar Doughnut
Do you look like a ghost after indulging in powdered sugar doughnuts? The trick here is to wrap the doughnut in a paper napkin. Tear the doughnut into half. The paper napkin prevents the powder from settling on your face. Eat the doughnut sandwiched between the folds of the paper napkin.
Healthy-Snacks-Girl-Eating-Fruit-300x300Does your burger turn into a soggy and messy pile before you finish eating? Burgers usually have thicker buns at the bottom than at the top. The trick here is to flip your burger and eat it upside down. No more juicy sauces running down your chin.
Does the mile high frosting on top of the cupcake reach up to your nose? The right way to eat a cupcake is to slice it in half horizontally and to create a cupcake sandwich with the bottom half of the cupcake on top of the frosting. This method also lets you enjoy the right frosting to cake ratio in each bite.
Does your habit of munching chips leave messy fingerprints on your keyboard or on the shiny screen of your Smartphone? Eat chips with a chopstick and say good bye to sticky fingerprints. Use a chopstick to poke into the chips bag and eat your crunchy snacks like a pro.
This popular Mexican dish always breaks before you finish it. Give it an additional layer of strength by wrapping your tacos in lettuce. You also add a nutritional boost to this filling meal with the lettuce.

So when you try any of these popular snacks, try eating them in the way mentioned above and stay spotless.

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