Never Tried Cuban Cuisine? Here’s What You Can Expect

Cuba has closed its doors to the rest of the world primarily because of the oppressive regime leading the country. This is also the reason why we didn’t really know how great Cuban cuisines are. In fact, they have some of the best dishes in the world.

If you have not tried one, Cuban cuisine is an infusion of various flavours from around the world. It is a blend of Native American, Spanish and African dishes. It also has something to do with the country’s history. Considering that it has been under various influences over time, their food has also become a perfect blend of flavours.

This makes Cuban cuisines even more exciting. Perhaps, you can compare the food with those in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, considering that they are all in the Caribbean. This is also due to the Spanish colonisers who have set foot in Cuba just like many of these Caribbean nations.

The best part about eating Cuban dishes is that everything is fresh and unique. It also has something to do with the fact that the country is a tropical island. Everything that they need in creating amazing dishes can be found in the country. There are homegrown fruits and vegetables making the dishes even more sumptuous.

Popular dishes

In Cuba, rice and beans are their staples. In fact, these two always come together when cooked. Congri and Moros are among the most popular dishes made from black beans and rice. If cooked separately, the most popular option is the Arroz con Frijoles.

Another option is the Sofrito which is made up of rice and red kidney beans cooked together by baking. Of course, they throw rich herbs and spices to add more flavours to the dish.

In terms of sauce, the most popular one is the viandas which usually accompanies roasted pork. They also have the mojito (not the drink) which comes with oil, garlic, onion and oregano. Orange or lime may also be thrown for added taste.

Try them now

You don’t have to go to Cuba just to taste these wonderful dishes. If you really want to go, check out the best restaurants in Cuba. Not only is the country amazing, its restaurants are also unique. Again, for years, Cuba has not opened its doors to the rest of the world. It doesn’t have strong relation with any major country. Recently, they have lightened up their regulations which made it easier for tourists to enter.

With the food they serve alone, you will most likely return to Cuba in the future. You may also invite your friends for this unique experience. Not so many people in the world have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country. Some people who have been there before said that it is like going back to the 70s considering how untouched many places are. If you want a walk back in history plus a fusion of flavours for food, it is time to book your ticket to Cuba and enjoy everything the country has to offer now.

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