How to Smoke the Perfect Piece of Meat


Smoking meat is a favourite way to cook food when friends and family gather for a casual lunch or dinner, or even for holiday celebration. The slow method of cooking allows for plenty of time to share news, trade jokes and generally have a good chat with friends. However, having the best smoker on the market in your backyard does not guarantee you’ll be producing the best tasting smoked meat ever. For that, you’ll need to learn some basic tips and tricks for meat smoking.

Tips to Help You Smoke the Perfect Piece of Meat

  1. Smoking the perfect piece of meat starts with choosing the right type of meat to use. Smoking is good for large pieces of meat such as ham, lamb, turkey. Get beef or pork ribs, pork shoulder or beef brisket.
  2. Rub the meat with 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup kosher salt, 1 tablespoon black pepper, 2 teaspoons chili flakes and 1 tablespoon lemon pepper.
  3. The right type of wood also makes a contribution to get the best-tasting barbecue. A smoky sweetness can be achieved by using fruitwoods like cherry, apple and pecan, as well as alder. Pork ribs and butt, which are bolder cuts of meat, can be infused with stronger smoke flavor from hickory. For dark meats, the best wood to use is mesquite, which imparts the strongest smoke flavor. Vegetables and poultry will get a sweet, mild smoke flavor from maple. Soak the wood in water for about an hour before you add it to the flames so it will smoulder and smoke for several hours. When using wood chips, wrap the soaked wood in foil with punched holes.
  4. Do not use lighter fluid to start your coals. Use lump charcoal or high quality briquettes and keep a bunch of lit coals to keep your heat level constant. Your temperature should be 200-300 °F (95-150 °C). Place the lit coals at the bottom of your grill then put the wood on top of the coals. Put the grill’s open damper above the meat then the lid of the grill.
  5. Keep the amount of water in the pan to 1/2 inch, adding hot water when the water level drops. You might also use pineapple or apple juice or beer rather than water. Or you might add dried herbs, onions or fruit slices into the water to add more subtle flavours to the meat.
  6. Avoid opening the lid often to check the meat as there is no need to flip it. Open your smoker only to add coals, water and smoking wood, which is usually every 30 to 45 minutes. In about four hours, you’ll have a good smoked piece of meat. But you have to check it. If you’re smoking ribs, lay it flat on your mitt. If the ends of the slab of ribs bounce when you move your hand up and down, it is still undone and needs about another hour of smoking. If it breaks apart in the middle, it is overcooked but still all right. If you can pull packs of meat from the bones, that’s perfectly cooked.

Glaze your meat with barbecue sauce and set it over direct heat or put it back to smoke for 15 to 20 minutes. Wrap in tin foil afterwards and let it rest for another 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

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No More Messy Snacks – Twisting The Way You Eat

elite-daily-eating-600x300 (1)Does eating some popular snacks leave you messy? Worry not as we give you some new innovative mess free ways to eat your favourite snacks.
Do your popsicles require you to change your dress after eating? You can easily catch drips by threading the Popsicle stick to a cupcake wrapper. The wrapper acts as an impromptu dish and catches all drips. Enjoy your Popsicle without getting your dress dirty.
Powdered Sugar Doughnut
Do you look like a ghost after indulging in powdered sugar doughnuts? The trick here is to wrap the doughnut in a paper napkin. Tear the doughnut into half. The paper napkin prevents the powder from settling on your face. Eat the doughnut sandwiched between the folds of the paper napkin.
Healthy-Snacks-Girl-Eating-Fruit-300x300Does your burger turn into a soggy and messy pile before you finish eating? Burgers usually have thicker buns at the bottom than at the top. The trick here is to flip your burger and eat it upside down. No more juicy sauces running down your chin.
Does the mile high frosting on top of the cupcake reach up to your nose? The right way to eat a cupcake is to slice it in half horizontally and to create a cupcake sandwich with the bottom half of the cupcake on top of the frosting. This method also lets you enjoy the right frosting to cake ratio in each bite.
Does your habit of munching chips leave messy fingerprints on your keyboard or on the shiny screen of your Smartphone? Eat chips with a chopstick and say good bye to sticky fingerprints. Use a chopstick to poke into the chips bag and eat your crunchy snacks like a pro.
This popular Mexican dish always breaks before you finish it. Give it an additional layer of strength by wrapping your tacos in lettuce. You also add a nutritional boost to this filling meal with the lettuce.

So when you try any of these popular snacks, try eating them in the way mentioned above and stay spotless.

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Make The Ultimate Perfect Sandwich Right At Your Kitchen

breakfast_elitedaily-600x300No one can deny the power of a perfectly made sandwich. Sandwiches are highly versatile and by just swapping a few ingredients you can get a totally different dish. But sadly the sandwiches we make in our kitchen often are not perfect. Either they turn soggy or the bread to filling ratio is not perfect. The reasons are endless for a failed sandwich. Here I provide you with a few steps to ensure that your sandwich turns out perfect every time.

1. Bread: If you get this right, you are of on the right path. Toasted bread makes for a sturdier base that regular bread. If you don’t prefer toasted bread, you can just slightly place bread on a hot pan and take it off before it gets toasted. Also when you cut the bread do not cut diagonally but cut across if you want a sturdier sandwich.

exps39618_SCSC163923C03_29_5b2. Lettuce: This forms the next layer. Select lettuce leaves that are at the right stage. No over-ripened leaves. Also dry the lettuce leaves either with a kitchen towel or a paper napkin to remove the moisture after washing. Moist lettuce is the main culprit for soggy sandwiches.

3. Cheese: Cheese should be place right under the top layer of your sandwich rather than at the bottom. It acts as a barrier between the moist middle layers and the top half of the sandwich.

4. Crunchy ingredients: Place crunchy ingredients like nuts, carrots and celery in the middle. They provide the right amount of crunch in between soft bites when you eat the sandwich.

5. Veggies: When you add veggies to your sandwich make sure they are completely dry. Else they lead to a soggy sandwich.

6. Sauces: Spread sauces on the inner side of both the top and bottom half of the sandwich. This ensures equal distribution of flavour with every bite.

Follow these steps and enjoy the perfect sandwich every time.

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Tips To Turn Your Leftover Food Into Delicious Dishes

22816_minestroneOn an average each household in the UK wastes food worth 470 pounds to a huge 700 pounds in a year. Just think of huge savings you can do if you do not waste food. But often however prudent we are, we have huge leftovers. Reheating a dish and consuming it on the next day just doesn’t appeal to a whole lot of people.

So here we give you a few tips on how to turn leftovers into yummy dishes that is craved by every member in your household, while also saving a few hundred pounds in your budget.

1. Bread: This is one dish that turns stale very often before you finish off the loaf. While stale bread makes unappetising sandwiches, it can be easily used for other yummy dishes. Desserts like bread pudding often taste better with stale bread than freshly cooked bread.

ss_slide2_1017359842. Make use of leftover vegetables and meat from last night’s dinner by making them as fillings for yummy pie. You just have to make the outer shell of the pie and prepare some quick sauces to go with the pie and you are done.

3. Leftover rice can be easily turned into take out style Chinese Fried Rice. All you have to do is add a few veggies and meat and you have a whole meal prepared in a jiffy for the whole family.

4. Stale biscuits make the perfect base of creamy cheesecakes. Just powder the biscuits in a blender and add them as the base for your cheesecake. You can then top them with cream cheese and add in your favourite flavour. This is a dessert that uses minimum effort but never fails to impress your guests.

5. Vegetables tend to get dry and soggy after being left in the fridge for more than a week. Using these veggies in a stir fry is not advisable. However you can use them in a mash or as fillings for your pita pockets. They taste just the same and no one will know the difference.

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Should You Invest In A Cooking Thermometer?

f0c8a-everyone-instant-read-thermometer-kitchen-gives-bannerTemperature is the key. Even a slight change in the temperature can cause your entire dish to go bad. From grilling meat to baking everything has to be done at the exact temperature. But is it worthwhile to invest in a digital thermometer for your regular home cooking? Here we list out the facts and look at some popular models available in the market.

thermapen-thermometersThe dangers of undercooked meat are many. From food poisoning to bacterial infection uncooked meat is the culprit for several diseases. Especially for households with young children it becomes mandatory to have a meat thermometer in the kitchen. These thermometers show when meat is cooked and are available for just 4£.

For more accurate cooks there are several digital thermometers available in the market that performs various functions like displaying the accurate temperature, timer and conversion scales. These temperatures range from 20£ to 40£. If you make jams and sauces frequently at home, you will be familiar with the risk of letting it burn even with slight variations in temperatures. A digital thermometer makes your job easy.

Yes it is possible to cook up dishes with a fancy looking gadget. But if you don’t want to risk undercooking or over cooking it’s best to invest in a quality digital cooking thermometer.