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Montgomery Place expertly mixes simplicity with atmosphere. In the invitingly intimate bar, where comfort and relaxation is easy, we have created our trademark and philosophy which is simply this: Just great drinks, great food and great service.

Nothing more and certainly nothing less!!

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Carob Island

  • 40ml Appleton 8yo
  • 20ml Port Wine
  • 5ml Fernet Reduction
  • 3 Dashes of Absinthe Bitters
  • Carob Honey Froth




First, create the froth by separating egg white, mixing it with carob honey and whipp-it til solid foam. Put all the remaining ingredients in the shaker, add ice and shake gently. Strain the content into serving glass and scoop the carob foam on top of the drink.


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Black Venus

  • 45ml Appleton 12yo
  • 20ml Amer Picon
  • 1bsp Suze
  • Dash of Hibiscus & Star Anise Syrup
  • Peychaud's Bitters



Add all ingredients into mixing glass, fill up with cubed ice and stir gently until cold. Pour the content into the serving glass over chunk of ice. Garnish with seasonal dried fruit and star anise.

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Stinger Refashioned

  • 40ml Ardbeg
  • 1bsp Mint Cordial
  • 2 Dashes Dark Chocolate Bitters
  • Mint





Press gently spring of mint against the surface inside of the mixing glass to release essencial oils. Measure all ingredients and add ice. Stir the drink until cold and desirable dilution achieved. Garnish with RUBIC - ice cube and spring of mint

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