An Easy Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe To Detoxify Your Body

5-Natural-Detoxification-Strategies-that-Help-You-to-Look-Good-NakedFruit Juices are no longer the in thing. Smoothies are all the rage now. With the ease of making and added fibre and nutrition Smoothies have become a constant fixture in everyone’s meal plan. They are a great way to make picky eaters eat fruits and vegetables. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the ingredients of a Smoothie. It is highly customisable and you can add the ingredients depending on your preference. Healthy nuts, protein powders, spinach, fruits and vegetables, honey are the few most common ingredients used in making a smoothie.

Smoothies easily provide the daily required fibre to your body. As it is fibre rich it helps in detoxifying your body of accumulated toxins. It is really easy to whip up a smoothie. You don’t need a specialised juicer. Just a regular blender will do. Now you can have a healthy snack or breakfast easily.

Super-Green-Detox-Drink-ThumbHere we give you a recipe for a healthy smoothie that is sure to increase your healthy food intake.

A handful of spinach or any other greens
One large banana
One apple peeled and sliced into small pieces
A handful of Strawberries or raspberries
Two tablespoons of honey
One tablespoon chia or flax seeds
One teaspoon of chopped seedless dates (Optional)
300 ml of water or soy milk (Soy milk makes the smoothie rich and creamy)

Add all the ingredients in the blender. First add in the spinach and other solids. Liquids should be added last. Blend well.
Add in a few crushed ice cubes. Serve in a tall glass. Enjoy!

The green smoothie hides the flavour of spinach so this is an excellent drink for kids who run away in terror at the name of spinach.

Do you have any healthy smoothie recipes? Feel free to share it with our readers in the comments below.